ARRIVAL : arrival is from 5 PM. In case of nocturnal arrival, the keys are left at the entrance office (only during summer season).

DEPARTURE : keys must be returned by 10 AM. (For a departure after noon, the whole day will be invoiced). In the case of a departure before the office is open, please drop the keys in the office letter box.

Prices exclude the following :

Obligatory cleaning at the end of your stay :
(depending type of property)
ST/STC/STM : 49,00 €
Appt/T2/T2C : 59,00 €
T3 / Villa : 69,00 €
Duplex / Prestige : 79,00 €
Cancellation insurance: 3% of the rental
Local tax : according to current rate
Booking fee : 30,00 €
Entrance Card : according to current rate
Entrance Card postage : 2,50€

Bed linen and towels (as appropriate): :
Flat sheet +fitted sheet+2 pillowcases 10,00 €
3 tea towels 5,00 €
Package (for 2) 33,00€
Package (for 4) 55,00€
Hand towel 3,00 €
Bath towel : 5,00 €
Bath mat : 3,00 €
Flat sheet : 3,00 €
Fitted sheet : 3,00 €
Pillow case : 2,00 €
Bolster case : 2.00 €
Tea towel : 1.50 €

Payment : A 25 % deposit is required when booking, the balance IS due one month before your arrival. For any payment by transfer or foreign cheque an additional fee of 30, 00 € will be required. In case of non-arrival at the planned date, the apartment will be kept free for 48 hours. After this delay and without any news, it will be rerented without refund.

Deposit: An accommodation deposit of 250 € for ‘Standard’ or 500 € for ‘Comfort’ will be required when you collect your keys. It will be returned to you by mail within a month.

Internet: For accommodation equipped with the Internet by Wi-Fi, all tenants who commit expenditure to be paid by the owner are obliged undertake to settle the amounts invoiced to the owner. Furthermore, the tenant undertakes to not access banned websites. Should he not adhere to this requirement, responsibility shall be his alone.

Pets: For health reasons in some of our apartments pets can’t be accepted. If parasites are found during the 3 days following your departure you will be required to pay for decontamination. Please check with your insurance if your pet is covered for any damage it may cause.

Cleaning: The cleaning (obligatory!) is carried out by our staff. You are requested to clean all kitchen utensils and crockery and to place linen items on the table.

Late booking: For late reservations by phone or for week-ends (only at the latest moment) the full payment will be required by credit card.

Cancellation: If you cancel your holiday booking 100 % of the holiday cost is due. If you leave prematurely no refund is payable. In any case, the booking fee will not be refund.

Insurance: Cancellation insurance, which we recommend all clients should have, can be obtained by completing and returning our proposal form with your booking deposit. The general conditions are sent at the same time as the confirmation of the reservation, but you can have them before.

The insurance policy of the accommodation you will occupy does not provide cover for your personal items or public liability. However, your home insurance may give appropriate protection.

Given the increase of incivility related to the parking, the responsibility of the agency cannot be withheld in case of unavailability during the stay.